Shibuya Lunch Tengu

I had lunch at Shibuya. The coffee name is Tengu.


I took a fried chicken lunch for 500 yen (about 5 dollars).

Compile And Install Git

Why did I try?

I try to install gitlab version 6.3 into ubuntu 12.04 LTS, AWS EC2. gitlab 6.3 require git whose version is 1.7.10 or higher, but ubuntu 12.04 LTS repository serves git 1.7.8, then I should install git from source.

How to do it?

Required packages is below.

make, gcc
They are essential. Of course you can use build-essential package.
git requires openssl/ssl.h.
git requires curl/curl.h.
git requires expat.h.
git said "tclsh failed; using unoptimized loading".
git said "/bin/sh: 1: msgfmt: not found". What is "msgfmt"?
git requires it.
git said "/bin/sh: 2: docbook2x-texi: not found".

Can't install rmagic on Windows 8 64bit

I'm in the same trouble as written in Installing rmagick gem on Windows 8 x64 for Ruby 2.0 x64. I can't install rmagic gem.


  • Windows 8 64bit
  • ruby 2.0.0 p195 (64bit)
  • DevKit: mingw64-64-4.7.2
  • ImageMagick: ImageMagick-6.8.6-8-Q16-x64-dll.exe
  • Installing rmagick 2.13.2

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Reinstall pre-installed apps in XPERIA

Have you ever erased necessary applications of your smart phones? I'll introduce how did I reinstalled, one of the pre-installed applications, into my XPERIA IS11S.

The beginning of this story is an annoying alarm of small remain disk space. And I deleted Talk, but I awared it is really important, because gmail's alert had become not to work and gmail account synchronization had become not to work.

The simple solution is to get and reinstall the application. But I couldn't find Talk.apk.

Here's my solution. I used SManager with root. First, launch a shell with SManager. Let's search Talk.apk. Type "cd /", "find -name Talk.apk". In my case, Talk.apk is in /system/app.

Go to /system/app. Type "cd /system/app". And next, "pm install -r Talk.apk" If you can see "Success" message, input command ctrl+z and type "reboot".

After rebooting, you can use the application as before erasing.

Went to Toshodaiji


I went to Toshodaiji. It was established by Ganjin in 759, who was a priest, came from China in 752.

How many times had he challenged to ship to Japan? He tried 5 times. Former 4 times he failed.

World Heritage

Now, Toshodaiji is a world heritage. So when it was damaged, it should be re-established with old ingredients as much as possible. From 2001 to 2009 was the re-establishing term because it was damaged by big earth quake in 1995.

In Toshodaiji, exhibits its re-establishing process with models.


Do you know Azekuradukuri? It is a way to build a storehouse with wood. Azekuradukuri can control humidity in the building and has special wood plate to reject mouses.

Shosoin is also built in Azekuradukuri way. 7 Azekuradukuri buildings are in Nara prefecture and 2 of 7 are in Toshodaiji. 11 are in Kyoto Prefecture.


Toshodaiji has 4 sumioni. Sumioni are on the corner of the roof("sumi" means corner, in Japanese). It's said that they prevent evil spirit.

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